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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

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Arthroscopic knee surgery gives your surgeon a close and personal view of tendon tears, worn-down cartilage, and any other damage within the knee. At Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center in Downtown Los Angeles, board-certified orthopaedic specialists Marc Samson, MD, Tae Shin, MD, and the team treat and evaluate knee pain using knee arthroscopy. To learn more about minimally invasive knee surgery, contact the Los Angeles, California, office by phone or schedule an appointment online today.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Q&A

What is arthroscopic knee surgery?

Arthroscopic knee surgery, or knee arthroscopy, addresses an injured knee with an arthroscope. Rather than using a single large incision to get to the inner structures of your knee, the team at Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center makes a number of smaller incisions. Through one of the incisions, they put a lighted camera on a long tube. This is called an arthroscope.

The arthroscope projects a video feed on a nearby screen. Using the feed, your surgeon makes repairs with small tools through the other nearby incisions. 

Usually, knee arthroscopy takes place on an outpatient basis, so you can go home the same day when your surgeon gives you permission. 

Why might I need arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee arthroscopy serves two main purposes: diagnosis and repair. Your surgeon tells you why they’re recommending the surgical technique and what to expect from it according to your reason for getting it. Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center uses arthroscopic knee surgery to:

Make or confirm a diagnosis

Sometimes, noninvasive imaging tests like X-rays do not provide enough information to make a diagnosis or assess the full extent of the damage. Knee arthroscopy gives the team an up-close inside view of the structures within your knee. 

Make repairs

During knee arthroscopy, your surgeon can repair torn ligaments, remove bone fragments, remove or repair a damaged meniscus, or trim down damaged cartilage. 

Like other surgeries, knee arthroscopy is an option when you exhaust all non-surgical treatment options without success. 

What are the benefits of arthroscopic knee surgery?

Compared to an open surgery technique, knee arthroscopy offers some key advantages. Since the technique is minimally invasive, using it to make repairs:

  • Involves a shorter recovery time
  • Causes less scarring
  • Causes less postoperative pain
  • Lets you return to work faster
  • Has a lower risk of complications

You should keep in mind that arthroscopic knee surgery is not the singular best option in every case, and your surgeon tailors the treatment plan according to your individual needs. Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center works with you before and after surgery and may require you to take part in physical therapy and other treatments to make a full recovery.

For a painful knee that hasn’t responded to treatment or needs more evaluation, arthroscopic knee surgery is a safe surgical option for imaging or repair. Schedule an appointment by calling Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center or book a consultation online today.