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Surgeon Information: Ceramic Total Hip Replacement

In Total Hip Replacement Surgery…A "New Age" is Dawning

Now younger, more active patients can also benefit from hip replacement.

If you suffer from severe hip arthritis, you know how limiting it can be. As the disease fails to respond to non-operative treatment, simple activities of daily living — walking, standing up, dressing, and sleeping — become a struggle due to the painful hip(s).

During total hip replacement (THR), the diseased hip joint is removed and replaced with an artificial hip joint implant. In over 90% of cases, THR results in dramatic pain relief and return to normal functioning.

Advanced Ceramics: A Breakthrough in THR

With hip implants generally lasting for years, THR has been reserved for people over age 55. But an advanced ceramic hip implant now opens the door to THR for younger, more active patients.

The new ceramic implant has demonstrated superior wear performance — meaning that it can be expected to last even longer than its metal/plastic implant "cousins."

Call Los Angeles Orthopaedic Center at 213-482-2992 to find out how you may benefit from total hip replacement.

For more information on the Ceramic-Hip please go to the website at www.ceramic-hip.com.

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